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My fence panels move about in the recesses of my concrete posts.

My fence panels move about in the recesses of my concrete posts.What is the best solution for this?

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The panels are designed to move in the wind so each panel of the fence independently takes the impact. You will rarely find a paneled fence with concrete slot posts blown down. Usually you will find the odd few panels on the floor with the posts still upright. Pick them up and if they are not damaged just replace them back into the posts. In the wet/winter the wood expands and in the dry/summer it contracts. You are not supposed to "chock" them with wedges as when the panels are dry they can become brittle and in high winds often split in half if there is no movement allowed. The small batten across the top, which is usually only on heavy duty panels, stops the panels breaking in half. In high winds the idea is to allow the panel to bow and pop out without damage to the panel. If quality posts and panels are used then the movement is usually restricted as the panel fits better but if cheap posts or panels are used then the panels often do not fit the posts and end up rattling annoyingly in the wind.


Answered 15th Jun 2012

Hi, the best thing I've found is cutting some wedges of wood and sliding the in between the fence and the concrete post best to screw them in place if possible to help secure the fence in the post channel.


Answered 11th Apr 2012

one thing is they sould have use heavey duty panels because the rails would have been thicker making the panel tighter in the post ,but one thing you is get afew peices of 1x1 batton same lenghas the panel and bang them in to the back of the concrete slot


Answered 22nd Apr 2012

Hi fence panels will expand and contract with The weather. The easiest way I found to stop them moving too much is to put a screw through the panel and just tighten it up so it bites on the concrete , as you would if you were fixing the panel to a wooden post (do not over tighten as the concrete post will move ) Pete.


Answered 19th Aug 2012

The above answer is the only real solution, if you have enough room the you could attatch some batten to the fence panels to act as the "wedge" but if its only a couple of mm the some doorstops style wedges is best.


Answered 22nd Apr 2012

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