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Can you cover an existing skirting board with mdf, and just paint?

I decided to add skirting boards to the scope of a project; which consists of replacing 10 internal doors and frames; and repainting the entire apartment. The current skirting boards could do with some attention. The traders could not determine if they were concrete or appear so because they had been painted over so many times. One trader states that it must be removed and replaced, whilst the other is certain he can get the same effect by covering the current skirt boards with MDF, and painting them. Any thoughts on which approach is appropriate?

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You can, but would advise to just remove old and install new


Answered 5th Apr 2020

To do the job right it would always be better to remove existing and replace with new rather than just covering


Answered 5th Apr 2020

Remove them, not sure why they would advise to over skirt? I have never seen that before unless its a temporary cover for protection. If you don't remove them and fix over the top, you will end up with double thickness that will give problems where the skirting terminates at the architrave.


Answered 5th Apr 2020

You can cover but to be honest, you will spend a bit less money on doing that and at will looks pretty bad as skirting will be thicker x2.
I will suggest to remove existing one and to even save money instead of buying MDF skirting, buy a full MDF board 2400x1200mm whatever thickness you need, cut that with rail saw(if you have an access to one) for strips of the height required, paint them, fit them job done. Nice and neat


Answered 6th Apr 2020

It’s hard to say without seeing the current skirting boards, to clad over the top of something with mdf will give you a good face to paint after although the top edge would be a bare edge which wouldn’t paint up to well, in my professional opinion I would rip off the old skirting


Answered 6th Apr 2020

Remove and replace. If a jobs worth doing it’s worth doing right


Answered 8th Apr 2020

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