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Painting inside fireplace

I have refurbished a fireplace and it is currently has a rendered finish, I want to paint the inside. It will house a standard wood burning stove. Can I use a multi surface paint or is there a specific heat retardant product for this purpose? I looked online but couldn't determine from all the products available which would actually be the most suitable?

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From personal experience I have used a good quality water based masonry paint. As long as there is no great heat transfer to the render to be painted.
Under no circumstances use a oil based paint on the render this could promote a fire hazard if there is great heat contact.
Hope this helps........Ian


Answered 24th Mar 2020

That answer is fine by me. Personally I have and would use any water based wipeable emulsion. But there is no harm using water based masonry.


Answered 25th Mar 2020

Where there is which can result in fire. I say takd the best precautions and use a fire retardant paint, for peace of mind and safety.


Answered 26th Mar 2020

The masonry paint is a fine choice.
If there is heat damage following usage, I’d be tempted to try a high temperature spray paint that I’d used in the motor trade on exhaust manifolds. I’ve not done this but it could be effective....


Answered 26th Mar 2020

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