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New paint peeling off

I hope someone can suggest what I'm doing wrong...

Painting a (inside) a 1980s house which has probably never been re-decorated since it was first done! I have removed any loose paint and sanded down / cleaned the walls. I applied a base coat of Layland Trade white matt which went on fine and covered up the dark original paint pretty well. I then applied Layland Trade silk emulsion which again went on fine. After a few days some bits started bubbling so i scraped gently and found that ALL the top layer just peeled off in big sheets! The white base remained. Mostly applied with a roller.

One room was re-plastered and painted with new to plaster paint first then the same top coat. This seems better but not perfect. Again one bit peeled off but scared to try more!

What am I doing wrong? Is it bad to put silk on top of matt? Is it just rubbish quality paint? All the walls are dry with no sign of damp in the house. Thanks.

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It is imperative you remove all dust from the wall before applying any paint whatsoever!
Painting silk over Matt won’t cause any problems however I personally wouldn’t recommend using silk unless on a perfectly flat wall, which in this case sounds quite the opposite?
I would suggest if you continue getting problems and you’re sure you haven’t any damp problems re line the walls with a minimum 1000 grade paper and start again. 👍


Answered 23rd Mar 2020

I'd tend to agree with Jc Decorating and Handyman Service. Its important to ensure that the wall is clean and properly prepared. I'd try sanding the surfaces down with a high grade paper ( 120 or 150) to provide a key. Then use a Zinsser product called Stop Peel to prime and prepare the surfaces.
You should then be able to apply two coats of your silk emulsion without any future problems.


Answered 23rd Mar 2020

if the paint is just peeling off then it sounds to me like the original base coat wasn't enough. what i find is easier on new plaster is watered down dulux white matt emulsion. approximately 70% paint and 30% water. i would remove all of the silk coat on the walls where there seems to be a problem, put two more base coats of watered down white matt emulsion and then reapply the top coats of the colour. Use high grade paper like a 120 grit at least as lower grades will leave sanding lines in the plaster. When you have sanded down the walls make sure all of the dust and old paint has been removed or there will be imperfections in the paintwork and you will see the old layers of paint if wall is not completely smooth. the zinsser peel stop that charles moore recommended is also a good primer. Use two coats before applying two coats of the silk emulsion.

hope this helps


Answered 23rd Mar 2020

never use pva light rub and good quality softsheen or silk


Answered 24th Mar 2020

Stipe back fill were need then put 1200 on then you should be okay


Answered 23rd Mar 2020

I'd advise light sanding to remove the blistering, seal the wall with a thinned coat of unibond , when dry re pain in your chosen emulsion.


Answered 23rd Mar 2020

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