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Zinsser - can this be applied on top

Can we paint the Zinsser on top of the all in one primer and undercoat?

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Yes you can paint Zinsser over any water based or or solvent based coat. Done it before many times for my banking client. I would usually first do a test patch with anything that I paint to err on the side of caution though.

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Shaun - Blue Wave


Answered 20th Mar 2020


Water-based and solvent-based also can be used.After proper drying, a good base for both paints.
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Answered 20th Mar 2020

You can apply zinsser on water-based and oil-based surfaces. Just give a little run down to key the surface and apply it. The good thing about zinsser is that you can apply water-based or oil-based paint over it.
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Answered 21st Mar 2020

Using BIN yes you can apply over the existing paints. Just bare in mind you need to ventilate the house well because the fumes are significant and you'll end up with a headache or other reactions. Also you must plan the job carefully because BIN dries very fast and if you don't work quickly you'll have paint dragging and making a mess when you try to over brush it. Work in sections and dont overlap until the BIN is properly dry.


Answered 22nd Mar 2020

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