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Smoke, sealers and wallpaper

Bought a 2 bed property from heavy smokers. Property has been industrially/steam cleaned and is better but still some stains and smell. We have quotes to paint the ceilings with one coat of sealer (either Zinsser BIN or Alkali Resistant Sealer) and then two coats Covaplus vinyl matt or Optiva5. WALLS have embossed paper on them (painted). If we use either of these primers (Zinsser BIN or Alkali Resistant Sealer) on the walls does this mean the embossed paper will be impossible to remove in the future if we, or future owners, should ever wish to? This is my main question here, I'm aware that stripping and rehanging new paper, or to re-plaster are other options, but costly. So my Q is about sealing walls and the effect on getting paper off in the future. Thanks.

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The only way to get rid of nicotine smell is to strip wallpaper and wash every thing down.

It will cost more in the long run if you cut corners!!


Answered 18th Mar 2020

Vinegar- lightly spray over . To kill odour
Then paint with stain sealer and proceed as normal


Answered 18th Mar 2020

strip all paper off the smoke will be in the paper for years, wash down all surfaces with sugar soap,woodwork as well and start from scratch, dont try and cover up anything like this,it never works.


Answered 18th Mar 2020

Zinsser b.i.n is the only stain sealer that will seal odours so it's incorrect for anyone to highlight that as an option that will fail.
However, niccotine is a nasty contaminant, if it is there in enough quantity it can prevent any paint to not adhere.
It can be washed off with sugar soap but this is very time consuming if the previous owners were heavy smokers, (ive been there a few times)
So as regards the papered walls, it would be easier in a way to strip them and re-paper, maybe another embossed or blown vinyl paper.


Answered 19th Mar 2020

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