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Kitchen units best paint on previously painted surface


I would like to get a professional opinion on spraying/painting kitchen units best paint.

Which primer and top coat would you recommend which is the most durable?

Thank you


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Bedec Multi Surface Paint is excellent. You’ll only need this paint. Also remember to first degrease all the cabinets prior to a good sanding. Good luck.


Answered 16th Mar 2020

I really like using a brand called Zinsser all coat on these types of surfaces. Depending on your brush work , spraying maybe the easier option as you can layer the paint and reduce the risk of dripping and pooling into corners.

When spraying ensure good ventilation and also wear a mask to prevent inhailation of the product.

Agreeing fully with ladypainter deco - ensure all surfaces have been cleaned,degreased and dried before painting and any surface not to be painted to be well covered.


Answered 18th Mar 2020

I recently painted some existing kitchen units to match new ones for a rental property and would also swear by Bedec multi surface paint. It's a bit expensive but if you make sure everything is cleaned and prepped properly it will give excellent results.


Answered 18th Mar 2020

I recommend Juno primer and eggshell oil or water based finish for durability and toughness also use sugar soap as a degreaser


Answered 23rd Mar 2020

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