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Painting pebble dash - volume of paint required

I’ve been asked to paint the front of a house. It is pebble dashed, has been painted before, only needs the single touch up coat, and the total space to be painted is approx 32 sq m. The customer has an opened pot of paint that has been used for adjoining garden wall - what remains is approx 40 sq m coverage according to tin. The customer wants this paint to be used for the job. Whilst I’ve painted a pebble dashed house before I’ve never calculated the amount of paint used per sq m when stippling, and always worked from a big tin knowing there was more than enough. My gut feeling is this remaining paint (two thirds of 5L) is nowhere near enough. Thoughts from experienced pebble dash painters welcome...

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You should allow approximately 20m2 Of wall per litre of paint, you could thin the first coat with a small amount of water. You will have to apply at least two coats, we always allow for at least three coats, there’s no such thing as one coat It just doesn’t work


Answered 15th Mar 2020

No not enough as pebble dash needs to be worked in & creates alot of spray & would advise 2 coats anyway to make sure it covers


Answered 15th Mar 2020

Paint never spreads as far as it says on the tin. Now if it's Weathershield masonry and it's the same colour going on the wall and the masonry isn't too dirty you may be lucky and it covers in one. But that used tin isn't enough. Like the people above I would recommend two and if client isn't willing to pay for more paint then I wouldn't proceed.


Answered 15th Mar 2020

When painting pebble dash you will need to apply 3 coats as the pebbles will come off with the paint when rolling use a good quality of paint like sandtex


Answered 15th Mar 2020

Has the area that they want painting been cleaned and stabilised?


Answered 17th Mar 2020

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