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Why is my wall suddenly looking wet?

Painted room about 12 months ago.... since then random patches keep appearing as if wet in weird places/ patterns.... it’s never happened in 30yrs previous so I don’t understand what it is... update : all internal walls one is a chimney breast wall the one opposite is a landing wall.

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This means it's been painted whilst still damp and/or is still damp work out if maybe roof tiles or vallygutters etc are all sound


Answered 10th Mar 2020

Hello, if this is an exterior wall or within 1 metre of the exterior wall then it sounds like damp coming through. The other possibilities are condensation or a leak from somewhere else. Your best off getting this looked at asap. Thanks RBS

Your chimney breast might be getting damp from rain coming through your chimney. The cowl on the top may be loose and need fixing/replacing


Answered 10th Mar 2020

Yes I agree that it mite be damp


Answered 10th Mar 2020

There is a problem with moisture in the walls especially the chimney Brest wall and if the other is an external wall. Sounds like water is getting in the cavity check roof tiles etc


Answered 14th Mar 2020

I have seen this happen on some stone walled properties when painted with DIY DULUX paints (as opposed to Trade paints). I think the Matt emulsion draws the moisture in cold spots of walls.
Check the wall with a moisture meter/probe from your local DIY store to see. Anything around 5-10% could just be condensation, if it's above that then may be other issues with leaks or water tracking through due to recent weather conditions. Check pointing, guttering, valleys, also items leaning against the exterior of the house as these can cause issues.


Answered 14th Mar 2020

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