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Eggshell on ceilings

I have just had some building work done and have had my kitchen/diner ceiling re-skimmed. I have given it a mist coat of 60/40 and then a coat of dulux matt emulsion. I am thinking of making the final coat one of white eggshell as I have been told that with all the cooking odours etc in a kitchen, eggshell will be more durable. I also intend to re-coat my wetroom ceiling with white eggshell as it was painted with matt emuslion when the wet room was done and it is now peeling. Some advice please. Thanks you

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Yes acrylic eggshell is very good for kitchens and bathrooms ceilings and walls or any where there is lots of moisture and odours from cooking DULUX trade eggshell is easily to wash and wipe down its hard wearing hope this helps thanks


Answered 10th Mar 2020

Use zinsser permawhite ( can be purchased in an eggshell finish)
2 coats, you wont get a better paint for kitchen/bathrooms


Answered 10th Mar 2020

Sure use a diamond water based egg she'll be ok


Answered 10th Mar 2020

You can use eggshell however a good vinyl matt or silk paint should be good enough. A lot cheaper as well.


Answered 10th Mar 2020

Yes eggshell is good for the kitchen put two coats of eggshell on the ceiling. The wet room ceiling srape the ceiling give it a coat of sealer and then two coats of eggshell.


Answered 10th Mar 2020

If the ceiling in the kitchen you have given it a thin coat and a full coat of matt will act as a good base for the eggshell remember that there are 2 types of eggshell one is oil based which is very durable in as far as heavy cleaning the water based version is more or less the same so would also clean well one takes longer to dry than the other the wet room if its peeling it hasn't been prepared properly would need to be scraped off and a thin coat of either a primer or a thin coat of emulsion as you did with the new ceiling with a top coat of matt then the coat of eggshell as the answer is yes it's more durable than matt emulsion if you put 2 coats of eggshell is even better durability so your choice


Answered 10th Mar 2020

Hi rub dwn all the peely paint and fill where needed and rub again if poss get your self some stabilizer or sealer give a coat let dry check and should be good to paint


Answered 10th Mar 2020

Yes I would def apply eggshell however I would apply a coat of zinzer primer sealer prior to commencement acrylic eggshell will stay white much longer than traditional which yellows over time


Answered 10th Mar 2020

Thats a great idea, although i would undercoat with Zinsser ceiling pro 5 in 1, it adds to the cost but the finish afterwords will be alot better as it works as a undercoat and a primer, the difference being undercoat goes on previously paint walls plus it covers stains and cracks. you can pick it up for around £30 - £40 an tin.


Answered 11th Mar 2020

Before paint with eggshel you have apply primer undercoat.


Answered 23rd Mar 2020

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