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What paint is best suited for the kitchen dinner

I am struggling to decide which paint to go for in my kitchen. Currently torn between Dulux Kitchen & Dulux diamond matt. I have two young children so need something durable. Would appreciate any advice.

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Vinyl silk emulsion. Washable and durabull


Answered 9th Mar 2020

Dulux Easy care, Durable, washable, covers well & is available in matt.


Answered 10th Mar 2020

out of dulux kitchen and dulux diamond Matt , dulux kitchen is definitely the most hard wearing out of the two grease resistant washable and stain resistant yet a very gd hard wearing paint


Answered 10th Mar 2020

Dulux Kitchen is best


Answered 10th Mar 2020

For this q.....staying with dulux, their easycare impressed me quite well for a retail matt paint.


Answered 10th Mar 2020

Dulux vinyl silk emulsion. We are using this paint all over jobs for bathrooms and kitchens


Answered 11th Mar 2020

I always use Dulux kitchen or easy care paint for kitchens


Answered 15th Mar 2020

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