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Lead paint - is it safe to remove myself?

Hello, I am in a 1960s block and I have some door frames that have at least 6 layers of gloss which I want to remove. Someone mentioned there MIGHT be lead paint in there somewhere - is it safe to remove myself (and what specialist equipment would I need? Heat gun, scraper, mask, etc?) or would I need to hire a professional in?
Thanks in advance.

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I wouId recomend that you get your self a mask. scraper. blow tourch. 6o grade oxcide sandpaper. Open all windows etc. Or Just sand the paint work down and Just paint. Its a big job if you have never done this before.



Answered 8th Mar 2020

long as you have the correct PPE ( Mask, Gloves, Eye glass )and the place is ventilated ( open doors, window) it should be ok.

Good heat gun , scrapers , sand papers, will do the job


Answered 8th Mar 2020

You can purchase test kits to identify the presence of lead in paint. But ultimately the prcodures for safe paint removal are the same whether it has lead or not, as mentioned it the other awnsers.
It will be a time consuming chore, you could opt instead to lightly sand a clean, then paint with zinsser b.i.n
The shellac content will seal it


Answered 9th Mar 2020

You should not really touch lead paint can be very harmful to your respiratory system ,heat tools not option your home insurance would not cover heat tools especially in shared accommodation
As above light sand Zinseer best solution


Answered 9th Mar 2020

If you decide to use a heat gun then you would require a respirator and not just a paper mask!! You shouldn’t really attempt to remove it in this fashion or with sandpaper unless you are going to lightly abrade existing surface and repaint as stated by the two answers above.
You can get great paint removal systems for removing old leaded paints such as peel away, however they are not cheap and can be time consuming, however they are the only safe way to remove leaded paint.


Answered 29th Mar 2020

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