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Help! matt emulsion problem.

Yesterday I painted a coat of matt emulsion over old silk emulsion and today it's just wiping straight off. How do I solve this please?
Thanks for the replies. I can't reply to them. Do I then have to use a primer?

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You need to key the surface lightly sand give the Matt something to adhere to


Answered 5th Mar 2020

It creates an even bigger crazing issue (paint will dry and then begin to crack).
Make sure you buy a decent quality VINYL MATT emulsion first off and patch test an area to ensure it adheres.
If there's still an issue, 1x coat with Zinsser Guardz or any shellac based product (Block & Bond/Smith & Rogers) which will seal the wall and acts as an adhesion primer. 👍


Answered 5th Mar 2020

Hi Karen, The best thing to do would be to sand the silk emulsion down to get the shine off, The mat emotion will have something to keep to then and should be fine.


Answered 5th Mar 2020

the matt needs a key to grip to so light sanding down with fine sand paper then 2 coats 8 hrs apart.


Answered 5th Mar 2020

Wash off the paint you applied asap. Lightly key the surface of the exsisting paint. Then wash with sugar soap solution followed by clean water.
Although it is good to provide a key for matt on vinyl, it is even more important that the surface is clean.
If i apply matt paint to vinyl silk i prefer use a 100% acrylic emulsion ( zinsser permawhite, vslspar trade/v700)


Answered 5th Mar 2020

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