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Water based paint over oil based paint

I've just painted water based paint over what I now assume is oil based paint as the new paint scratches really easily! I really don't want to have to sand all the doors and start again! Is there a product I can use to create a tougher harder surface? grrr

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firstly i would abrade the said doors & then apply 1 or 2 coats of johnstones aqua undercoat & then finish with johnstones aqua gloss/satin light sand between coats!! johnstones water based aqua is a good productthativebeen using 4 someyears now it goes on like oil based but is quick drying etc.


Answered 5th Mar 2020

For a start you don't paint water base paint on top of oil base paint, with using a primer first, I hope that helps,


Answered 5th Mar 2020

Even after prep ( sanding, cleaning) of an oil-based finish. Common practice for a pro painter would be to use a high adhesion primer prior to using any water based finish system.
There are plenty of websites/ forums, videos, that are packed with info put forward by experienced pros.
Try to learn ftom these before you start any decorating project again. Also find a good independant decorators merchant, they can always advice esp on products


Answered 5th Mar 2020

Scruff X by Benjamin Moore is amazing stuff and better than oil based in my opinion. I use it on all my customers woodwork and always get positive comments regarding its finish. No need to undercoat as long as it’s not bare wood and I have seen people say there’s no need to sand and it holds really well but I’d advise a quick key, dust off and apply with either a foam roller or sprayer. Hope this is of some help.


Answered 6th Mar 2020

U need sanding little bit and use proper Dulux Undercoat and next day paint colour


Answered 6th Mar 2020

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