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How to wallpaper behind a toilet and sink

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depending on the area i would for you as an amateur cut yourself a template first,
measure the width of the wallpaper then cut your template at the length you require and the width.
you can then have a few practise runs at this before you cut your paper,allow an 1"extra on your paper as well. If you feel confident enough slightly loosen the cistern off the wall by the 2 screws,only if you are confident.


Answered 4th Mar 2020

Ideally you shouldn’t paper around a sink because the splash back from sink as for the toilet take it out first turn water supply off loosen the water feed to cistern it normally one nut then remove pan from waste it should just pull away then you have a clear room


Answered 4th Mar 2020

Ideally you would never wallpaper around toilets and wash basins. To do the work properly first remove basin and toilet, prepare the wall surface, use a paintable vinyl wallpaper. You will acheave a perfect finish but time comsuming.


Answered 10th Mar 2020

I have been wallpapering for 30 years all types wall coverings l do not give tips or advice how hang wall coverings


Answered 11th Mar 2020

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