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Measuring stairs and landing

What is the best way to measure a stairs and landing

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Measure the width and length of one step and count the straight steps
Measure the width and length of winders ( furthest points ) of each one
Draw the sale of hall and landing and put measurements of each side
Then email the plan to me or take to a shop
it needs a professional to work out a block plan for how much carpet is needed


Answered 1st Mar 2020

I would always get a professional to measure hall, stairs and landing as it’s an easy one to get wrong.


Answered 9th Mar 2020

Hi , normally I would measure the length of the landing and width at widest points , for example a standard landing could be 3 mtrs long but 2 mtrs wide so 4x3 will do it as the of cut of 2x3 is plenty for a straight stair case , however if the stairs is winedy and there is a hall as well draw out in a bit of paper both landing and hall to see if they both fit on the 4 mtr width and see what is left for stairs , hope this helps


Answered 13th Mar 2020

Always get a professional to measure as mistakes are very likely and then costly
And most of shops or fitters offer a free estimating service providing your buying the carpet from them 👍🏻


Answered 23rd Mar 2020

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