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How do you mount tv on wall and hide wiring?

Hi, I would like to have my TV wall mounted but I hate the look of wiring hanging about. How do we hide them? Box them in? I have seen TV's mounted with no wires visible at all... How does that work? Old chimney breast wall. Thanks

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It's a tough one to answer without knowing what wall type you are wanting it installed on, some newer houses just require a few small holes , others require a full chase and re plaster :(


Answered 26th Feb 2020

Really depends on the type of wall, plasterboard "stud wall" could be chased in (slot cut in the wall then replastered) solid brick wall or chimney breast is more difficult to conceal as it would have to be put in conduit which could then be painted to match the wall but wouldn't be invisible.

Another option would be to make a false wall to cover the cables out of sheet material and then paint, but this option would mean new skirting board at the bottom and a small shelf just below the TV.


Answered 27th Feb 2020

You have to chase the wall
Or find a void in the wall
Bring the wires from the rear

Another tip is to get trunking and if the wall is papered or painted to stick paper on the trunking before fitting it. Always a good idea to fold the paper first before glueing it on for a sharp edge. Or paint the trunking. Once blended in then does look more pleasing to the eye then a white channel.


Answered 27th Feb 2020

All the wires are buried in the wall and come out behind the tv


Answered 27th Feb 2020

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