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woodburner is working ok but out of all the radiators some are not getting as hot as the others (arrow woodburner) what could be the problem ie: not enough pumps on it has two, or the rads need bleeding or balancing . any ideas would be welcomed

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Hi there,try bleeding the rads first,then balance the system before looking at the pumps..thanks

Answered 4th Apr 2011

E&M Plumbing & Heating

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from what you telling me i suspect the system need balancing,if the radiators are hot in the middle but colder at the top they need bleeding.i doubt is any ting to do with the pump,if the pump was not working the wood burner would overheath.hope this will help

Answered 4th Apr 2011

AGplumbing heating

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Balancing will help

Answered 4th Apr 2011

job done!

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If the radiator requires bleeding it will be hot at the bottom and cold at the top.
If the radiators that are struggling to get hot are the furthest ones away then by restricting the flow through the nearer radiators (balancing the system) It will enable more flow through the further radiators.
A quick way of diagnosing this is to turn off the radiators that are very hot and if the others then heat up then the problem is circulation.
Poor circulation can be caused by an unbalanced system, insufficient pump pressure, inadequate pipe sizing and sludged up or partially blocked pipe-work
Hope this helps

Answered 5th Apr 2011

Comfort Plumbing and Heating

Member since 10 Jun 2010

As you stated it is probably one or all of the above problems, you need to grt it checked out as wood burners do not self regulate and you could damage the boiler unit if it overheats.

Answered 4th Apr 2011


Member since 3 Mar 2009

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