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Planning for a decking over 300mm

I have had a number of clients concerned at having to apply for planning permission for a decking. Has anyone had a client had to remove a decking, how do you handle their initial concerns ?

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As councils become more skint they will find ways to recoup money by being more vigilant about the rules &,applying them, also a lot of councils now out source there planning / building regs these new out sourced company's are more inclined to adhere to the letter of the law its been law for a while but people have ignored it you unfortunately are in an area where the council are obviously clamping down on decking. Its not so.much the size of the decking but the area of the garden it covers ,Stick to the rules and it wont make any difference to you or your clients.

Good luck Alex


Answered 26th Feb 2020

300mm is the maximum height for permitted development however, due to personal experience, Plymouth council are very inconsistent with their regulations as they have allowed one raised decking at 1m high and enforced another at the same height to be removed. Both structures are within the same street and only 2 doors away from one another! Go figure.......It's more to do with if your face fits or the council's mood on the day!


Answered 29th Feb 2020

I’ve never had or known of anyone having to put for planning permission for decking in any area, paving or concreting a large area is a different matter as this can effect the drainage to your property and other people in your area.


Answered 6th Mar 2020

Deck Planning comes into question when A) It covers more than 50% of the property area. B) It is over 30cms high Because of safety/structural support implications


Answered 22nd Mar 2020

You do not need planning permission for decking honestly. Decking isn't a permanent fixture in any garden unlike an extension to the house for example, therefore this is classed as a temporary structure like sheds, summer houses, fencing, patio's/paving. I have done many decking jobs & have never needed planning permission. its not as if anyone is going to be offended about someone else's decking on their own property. If you would like further assurance then log onto your local council planning departments website for a full list of planning restrictions.


Answered 23rd Mar 2020

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