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Paint doesn't seem to be correct colour on certain walls!

Okay so bear with me on this one! We've just bought a really old cottage and have come to decorate the lounge. Currently, One wall is a feature wall and is dark green. The other 3 walls are of a mint green colour. I've tested paint samples on the dark green and the colour comes out correct (weirdly without a undercoat) However on the opposite wall over the mint green, every sample comes out the wrong colour : green looks khaki, cream looks pink and cotton looks brown. I have coated it twice in undercoat and nothing helps! And we have asked the previous owners, they said the just had it plastered and professionally painted.

What could be throwing it off? Any advice on what to do? How do you get it somewhere near? Thank you

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If you have coated these walls with an oil base undercoat' then that would have sealed the existing paint which should provide you with a blank canvas for what ever colour you choose to apply thereafter. However drying time will be greatly increased as this is no longer a porous surface' so ensure the room is heated to normal room temperature before painting, then apply 2-3 coats if normal matt,
Vinyl matt or silk emulsion. After the 2nd coat you should be getting a more consistent colour over all walls that were previously sealed.


Answered 25th Feb 2020

If you have bought a really old cottage the walls need to breath they are more than likely larve and plaster with horse hair in the lime plaster and needs to breath. you need a natural permeable paint which allows the walls to breath. if discolouration occurs it could be that the walls have been painted in a distemper type paint. try farrow and ball wall undercoat before and finale colour is applied followed buy two coats of finale colour. Would recommend trying a small tin in a small area before you tackle the whole wall


Answered 25th Feb 2020

light or surface may be differant on one wall to another


Answered 26th Feb 2020

I think, as someone else has said, it could be that the mint green is a distemper which means it will mix with whatever you put on top. Try giving the wall a good wash with warm soapy water - see if the green paint comes off. If it does, then I would suggest you wash the whole wall and keep going until you don't get any more colour coming off. Then you should have better results with a primer/undercoat - but please don't use oil - it's bad for the walls and bad for you!


Answered 26th Feb 2020

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