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Removing paint a no mist cost used

We are redecorating our kitchen diner at the moment. When we removed the skirting the paint on the walls started to peel away. It looks like it has not been mist coated by the previous owners. The vast majority has come off one wall using just a continental filling knife but the other three walls the paint has only come off in small patches.

We were going to give all the walls and ceiling a good sand as the previous owner had painted the entire place with a brush and the brush marks are horrendous.

Can anyone suggest any ways of removing the rest of getting us to a point where we will be able to get a decent finish. I've tried hot soapy water and a steamer but not getting anywhere.

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Try giving the paint a light sand if a wallpaper steamer wont do it.


Answered 23rd Feb 2020

Scrap as much of the loose parts of the walls. Give it a good thick pva (glue) brush in the holes. When it's dry, fill the holes and let dry. Then sand till flat.


Answered 23rd Feb 2020

a very sharp blade ie scar-sons scraper will do the job, any good diy shop will sell a bladed scraper with changeable blades then elbow grease with patients is needed.


Answered 24th Feb 2020

better way to make- Re-skimming ,and fully repaint!


Answered 25th Feb 2020

Sharp scraper to get all paint off and hot with a first coat and fill any holes and hit with second coat


Answered 26th Feb 2020

To be honest if the rest is not coming off then leave it, its a good sound substrate to work on. You will be only making unnecessary work for yourselves.


Answered 27th Feb 2020

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