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Outdoor paint dripping

Hey guys - any help or guidance gratefully received and apologies about the length of the post.

First time home owner here, we have a small outdoor balcony with (what I think) is a concrete ceiling with another balcony directly above, the balcony has thick black metal railings.

When we moved in, areas of the thick black metal railings were eroded and exposed so I painted them with decent quality hammerite metal paint and it seemed to have done the job, unfortunately it highlighted that a chemical like substance (that appeared almost like thin candle wax) was dripping from the ceiling on to the areas where the railing were most exposed and eroded whenever it rained leading me to conclude that the white paint that was used on the underside of the concrete ceiling was the wrong sort of paint and it was causing the damage - although the ceiling is undercover, it is quite exposed and the wind blows rain in, I was thinking maybe whoever painted it last (many years ago) used the wrong sort of paint.

As it's been pretty wet here the chemical substance was dripping down on to my newly painted railings so I wanted to get it sorted ASAP, I bought some white masonry paint that was cheap but had good reviews and got it up on the ceiling when it was pretty cold (about 6 degrees celsius) and there was still some moisture in the air.

It has rained a lot since and the dripping is even worse than before and the paint is visibly bulging in areas with what appears to be damp trapped behind it.

My next move was going to be wait for a good dry period and put on some Pliolite Based Masonry Paint as people online are saying it's the stuff to use but am wondering if I need to remove the previous paint layers before or somehow try to remove the trapped moisture?

Many thanks


Thanks for the responses all, on reflection I'll do the below.

- cover the railings to stop further damage short term.
- wait for the weather to improve a bit.
- have a look at upstairs balcony to see if they have a crack or if it's in disrepair.
- strip the ceiling back to as close to bare concrete as possible and leave it to try out for a bit.
- paint with a primer and then two coats of weathershield

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Hello help_63,
First thing is if you apply the pliolite masonry now you would just be adding to the problem. if it was me I would scrape off any bubbles that have occurred leave to dry if possible then add a stabilizing solution to the area affected then add your pliolite.


Answered 20th Feb 2020

you need to clean the ceiling from the old paint, primer it, then it is advisable to apply the plaster, then apply the primer paint and only then paint the ceiling by Weather shield Paint


Answered 20th Feb 2020

Definitely strip back the paint as much as possible back to the concrete if necessary it can be filled with an exterior filler and smoothed off
Then paint with a good masonry paint I use Dulux Weathershield. Needs at least two coats


Answered 20th Feb 2020

I can’t say for sure without looking but just commenting - concrete/ cement can be porous if not sealed or covered by a coating. Sounds as if rain is making its way though carrying any minerals with it leaving a deposit on your railings. You should not try to seal the underneath of upstairs balcony but investigate if the balcony topside / flooring can be sealed ( Thompson’s concrete/ masonry sealer or bitumen covering).


Answered 20th Feb 2020

Hi there,

It' s noting to do with the paint or last painter I believe.Please check the source of the problem where the drips comes from,it might be a crack there that needs fixing or the leveling is incorrect and needs doing ,so the water should be going toward the drains not toward the place where it 's going now .

I hope this helps

Kind regards from Ashmore Decorators,

Aziz Ghazi


Answered 20th Feb 2020

Alright mate
I would say trip the paint back and try get it as smooth as possible then apply two coats of masonry paint


Answered 20th Feb 2020

Hello there,
From what you have described it sounds to me as though water is penetrating the floor of the balcony above causing the underside ceiling of your balcony to be damp. First step I would take is to look at the floor of the balcony above and try to identify any cracks or defects in the floor where water may have or may still be penetrating causing the ceiling below to remain damp. If this is visible, these need to be rectified first. I would then start on making the underside good, only once it has completely dried out. All loose flaking paint should be scraped back. If the surface is porous and dusty I would recommend a stabilizer first. If the surface isnt porous I would fill all of the defects with Toupretlinth Exterior Filler, sand back and apply a good quality trade exterior masonry paint. I would only recommend carrying out this work in good, dry conditions where the temperature is above 5 Degrees C. In the meantime I would cover your finished railings to prevent any further debris from falling.

Kind regards


Answered 21st Feb 2020

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