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We want an bathroom extractor fan fitted but our flat is 4th floor, is this possible at reasonable cost?

We need an extractor as severe condensation is causing damp in the ceiling (small bathroom with shower, windows double glazed). Is it possible to fit the exterior part of an extractor fan by leaning out of the window perhaps, i.e. without having to pay for scaffolding? How much would this cost? Thanks

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If you have severe condensation in a bathroom then it's best to go for the humidity tracking extractor fan which works all the time and automatically and continually adjusts output to the conditions. Specifically designed to combat condensation, it has numerous advantages over humidistat fans and recently won the Queens Award for Innovation.
Have a look at the technical spec' by searching EnviroVent Filterless Fan.

Regards the 4th floor, we tend to use push-through grilles which open up like an umbrella once pushed through the cored wall from the inside. Neat, safe, quick....and no scaffolding.


Answered 1st Nov 2011

hi bronnie,
the simplest and cheapest option is to fit a window extractor. they are specifically made for windows and do not require access from outside window to fit (saving on ladder or tower costs plus risk free). if window does not open window can be removed from inside , fan fitted and window re fitted.good luck and hope this was helpful.


Answered 4th Apr 2011

You can fit your extractor fan easy enough, the hard part is drilling through the wall, you will need a 100mm diamond core drill, with a safety clutch.
You may have some break out when going straight through.
The best bit is fitting your vent cover outside, I wouldnt advise leaning out your window, best to get a large tripple ladder with pulleys, you will need two of you, to get ladder up (should have wheels to roll up wall) and to steady the ladder.
Hope your good with heights, you will need to drill 4 holes plugs and screw plate on.
If you cant manage one handed and using drill, then clear silicone the cover to brickwork.
Normally I would use an alloy tower and drill from both sides and fit vent cover, only because I have my own, but a lot safer.


Answered 4th Apr 2011

Hi bronnie no electrician should are try to fit a extractor fan out of a window for starters. you need a humdiy fan which would not turn off until the room has reach the desrired humdiy level set which on average is 65%-70% best to have some one look at bathroom to tell you your best options but it can be done safely as this is a bathroom hope this help feel free to ask me any advice as i fit extractor fans and service them.


Answered 4th Apr 2011

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