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Drying times for zinsser paint

I needed bathroom ceiling repainted after bodged job. My decorator assured me he would get it right this time. He applied Bullseye 123, then a coat of Perma White after one hour and a second coat of Perma White after 2 hours. However, on subsequently reading the directions on tin, I’ve discovered that these drying times apply at 24°c for the Bullseye and 21°c for the Perma White. He was working in temperatures of 15° or 16°. I feel foolish for having trusted him again. Has he ruined the ceiling for a second time? How long before any problems would appear and if they do, what can I do? I’d really appreciate any advice. Thank you

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Often it can seem worrying at times when advised drying times are not followed, however they are only advisable and so many factors can determine the "real" dry times such as the type of surface being painted, air flow, type of application and heat to name a few.
I wouldn't overly worry and as he was hopefully a proffesional decorator he will have made sure the coat being over painted was ready to take the next.


Answered 11th Feb 2020

I don’t see how it would ruin it in the fact the paint has been applied in layers even when tacky he’s applied the next coat, so it’s not like he’s only one costed it if you know what I mean, I’d put it too him and watch the ceiling for a few weeks keeping an eye on it for flakes of paint due to heat condensation, mould residue


Answered 11th Feb 2020

What I find with customers they want a named brand which costs more and are not needed . I use a brand I’ve used for eons and never had a problem. Keep it simple don’t complicate a job trust your decision. Regards Francis


Answered 12th Feb 2020

The safest way is to follow the manufacturers instructions. The customers satisfaction is paramount, the customer should have been given the final decision. Now you have an anxious customer filled with doubt instead of a happy customer enjoying their new paintwork .


Answered 13th Feb 2020

painting is a feel job. if it feels dry and not cold its ready for repainting. within reason. but not more than 3 coats in a day


Answered 2nd Mar 2020

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