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Socket advise needed

Hello we have a 2 gang socket behind the tv which has connected in 2 extension leads (one per plug) what I have plugged in them is:
*game console
*house phone
* cctv box
* cctv monitor
* tv box
*ethernet plug
Would you say that this is safe? Or am I just better of getting a 8 way extension lead? Apparently all these equipment do not require much energy hence extension leads are okay?

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As mentioned above, as these appliances don’t draw too much power it should be fine. Although some may advise against it..
Also if you ever smell burning plastic/rubber or see black marks around the sockets then you should immediately unplug whatever is plugged in. Hope this helps ☺️


Answered 12th Feb 2020

It’s fine


Answered 11th Feb 2020

Hi, all appliances seem to be low power so it will be ok.


Answered 11th Feb 2020

As has already been advised above from a power perspective this is fine.
It may not be considered best practice, and would not be acceptable in a workplace environment due to trailing leads, but should not present a fire risk except in the case of a loose connection should one of the many plugs not be fully inserted in to the socket.


Answered 12th Feb 2020

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