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Shower pump question

I need a shower pump installed. Is any access needed under the bath or floorboards or does it just get cut into the pipe near the hot water cylinder? I had someone say they needed to go under the bath but online I cant see this is required?

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There's usually enough room in the airing cupboard as the cylinder is symmetrical,so left or right of it providing there's enough space, you will however need to get another hole drilled in your cold water storage tank and a gravity cold supply dropped down to the new pump, and a tee installed on the hot water expansion pipe as near to base of cold water storage tank
and that pipe dropped down to the pump.

This will ensure equal gravity pressure, then a fuse spur can be taken from the switched fuse spur supplying the immersion heater.....hope this helps


Answered 10th Feb 2020

Shower pumps are not designed for going under baths,My advise would be to get the right pump needed for your water system and then the installer can follow the correct instructions for where it needs to be.Warranty will be valid if this is done the right way


Answered 10th Feb 2020

airing cupboard,new cold supply from tank,surrey or essex flange on cylinder for hot,try not to use existing hot pipework from cylinder as some pump manufacturers may not honour gaurentee on the pump if you do ,also a lot of the pumps can not take water over 60c,you may need to fit a blender valve on hot water service.


Answered 10th Feb 2020

Shower pumps are not designed for going under baths.


Answered 10th Feb 2020

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