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What brand and finish of paint

Just bought a house and looking to paint the full interior white. The walls aren't bad but wanting a fresh lick of paint on them.

What is the best paint brand for white emulsion and what finish, don't want chalky walls but not shiny either? Can't seem to find a satin finish in a 10litre tub (going to need about 50litres) as smaller tubs are not an option due to quantity needed and cost.

R.e. Skirting boards and door frames these are already glossed, I would of prefer satin, would I need to sand it all down for satin to take over the gloss?

Thank you

7 Answers from MyBuilder Painters & Decorators

I would suggest F&B paints for the walls
and wood before painting must be wiped with 120 or 240 paper


Answered 9th Feb 2020

well its all depend on your choice and budget,
If you don't want shiny look then you can go with Mat finish, that yu can get in 10 Litre bucket. Brand you can use
Valspar (Amercian Brand) available only at B&Q
Dulux or Dulux Trade(expensive but good finish)

Wood work you need to sand down first, use a fine grade sanding paper then do satin finish.
Hope this will help you.


Answered 9th Feb 2020

Wood work. Rub down and 2 coats of waterbased satinwood. Crown or Dulux, both are good. As for you walls. If money is know object, dulux dimond glaze. Matt on the ceilings. Vinly matt on walls, and just matt on cellings. Either crown or Dulux,either brand will do you. Vinly matt has a slight sheen to it, but nothing major. Those two brands are the best around. Use trade not retail. Retail is to thin. Trade is the professional product.


Answered 9th Feb 2020

Think the answers above cover your question about your walls. I'd use matt on the ceiling and you will definitely need to sand to the gloss before applying another coat on it


Answered 9th Feb 2020

Most people these days have matt on the walls and ceilings, soft sheen is an option for walls if you would like a higher level of durability and to be scrubbable, silk (not satin, satin is for woodwork) is another option but has a high sheen level but very durable however not an "in" thing at the moment.
I would advise vinyl matt on the ceiling and walls (little greene/high cost or Crown trade /lower cost)
Regarding the glossed woodwork I would rub down thoroughly with p120 sandpaper and then use a coat of adhesion primer (zinsser bullseye 123 or similar) then your chosen top coat in an eggshell or satin finish.


Answered 12th Feb 2020

Diamond Matt Dulux will give you best finish ,its expensive but quality it there
Dulux Satinwood will also be your best shout on woodwork


Answered 15th Feb 2020

I would recommend a matt emulsion to the walls, that will give you that flat finish you require. The alternative choices you have will depend on how durable you need the finish to be. Like in a Hallway with lots of traffic or if you have children or pets you may want to wipe down marks from time to time. Dulux easy care is absolutely brilliant and can often be found on deals in the DIY shops. If it is unlikely you need a durable paint i would go for the standard Dulux pure brilliant white emulsion available in 10L tubs to get the quantity you need. I would also recommend purchasing a drill mixing paddle to keep to hand to ensure the formula is mixed for best application. In regard to the wood work, i would recommend scratching down with 120 grit sand paper then move to a 240 grit. This should be sufficient work to the surface and make sure the finishing paint tacks correctly, complete two coats of finishing paint.

I hope this helps!


Answered 1st Mar 2020

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