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New artex is cracking

Hello guys, need help with Artex.
I've Artex the ceiling in living room for the customer and while is drying Artex in some areas appears the crack. Need help what I can do and why is happening? I've done before Artex in smaller room, was fine. Will be helpful if anyone can help with advice. Thank you

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have you applied pva before artexing and taped any existing cracks


Answered 7th Feb 2020

the problem of filling cracks in artex is that you can't rub the filler smooth, especially on a deep pattern, what we find the best to do is fill the crack with smooth filler and then using a wet paintbrush brush the excess filler away from the crack, this some times needs repeating depending on the size of crack.


Answered 7th Feb 2020

Did you tape and caulk the joints, have applied a strong pva, also the cielings may have some movement.


Answered 7th Feb 2020

You should Definitely tape any cracks or joints as for Pva I don’t use it can cause problems


Answered 8th Feb 2020

I think too much PVA was used, you should let the cracks in the ceiling dry then overpaint them. The cracks should fill up with the paint. Then just brush artex with a brush not a roller. Hopefilly this will do it.


Answered 8th Feb 2020

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