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Which is better, boarding over a loose ceiling and replastering or taking the ceiling down and redoing it?

I have recently had a through the floor lift fitted and it has left cracks in the ceiling of the downstairs room.

When the lift installers came back they said some of the ceiling was loose and that they would send a builder back to sort it out.

They have proposed overboarding what is already up and plastering over the boarding but will this not put more stress on the ceiling and mean we have to re do it in a couple of years?

The ceiling is lat and plaster and the house is 100 years old.

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It is quite possible that your ceiling was already loose if it is lath and plaster and the best of tradesmen would have struggled to do this work without further damaging the ceiling.As for overboarding,most people on here will tell you this is ok.Pulling down these ceilings are incredibly messy (probably the worst job in building) and due to the thickness of these ceilings in comparison to plasterboard, can lead to either battening the joists out or repairing all round the tops of the walls.I often remove them but in your scenario,overboarding is the way to go.


Answered 4th Apr 2012

Overboard, everytime. As stated by others it is a very very messy job. I definately wouldnt want that sort of mess in my house! I personally find overboarding the best way to go if possible as it saves on mess and gives you that bit extra insulation. Just make sure they use enough screws ( every 300mm) and that they are long enough to secure into the joists and not just the plaster lats. It is worth pointing out also that you should really only ever overboard a ceiling once, any more and it can cause weight issues


Answered 5th Apr 2013

Overboarding is the way to go, however if there's coving in place this will have to be removed and put back up..


Answered 5th Apr 2012

I always recommend over boarding lathe & plaster ceilings as taking them down is a horrible,dusty & dirty job.As long as your contractor uses long enough drywall screws the the new ceiling should last for as long as the house stands.


Answered 5th Apr 2012

take iit down. if some one knows waht they are doing it should be kept clean


Answered 7th Apr 2012

take down put new ceiling up it a very dirty job to do did you wont a quote


Answered 14th Jan 2013

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