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Paint directly onto plaster

Hi, my front room has just been replastered and my decorator has painted a first coat of emulsion directly onto it without first doing a white wash or mist wash.
Within 24 hours there were two patches of paint that have started to flake off.
I would like to know what to do next as I'm worried that the rest of the walls will begin flaking. How do I sort this out?
Many thanks

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Scrape all of the paint off as it's not been diluted on the mist coat and will not allow the plaster to breathe properly
Basically start from scratch


Answered 5th Feb 2020

The wall should have had white wash before but is it over a heater area? All that can be done is to take flaking paint off fill and paint have a look over the wall for flaking paint remove with paper or scraper fill and paint was the plaster completely dry before he painted the wall as if damp still u will get same thing


Answered 5th Feb 2020

To resolve the paint flaking, scrape back the area to a solid edge then fine fill as required, when dry sand the entire wall affected with P120 sandpaper (pole sand 5min.) followed with a mist coat (add 30% water to paint for mist coat) and two top coats.


Answered 5th Feb 2020

Hi I will try and answer the question as good as I can , So you should mist coat it first, a mist coat is made of watered-down emulsion paint and acts as a primer. The extra moisture gives the wall something to absorb so your topcoat should stick. Alternatively, you can use a water-based primer which saves you the mess of making a mist coat.

Many thanks

KD HandyMan


Answered 5th Feb 2020

Whatever the solution, I would think you need to get your decorator to come and put it right as he didn't do the job right to begin with.


Answered 5th Feb 2020

It's not always necessary to white wash or mist coat out in white first . Most decorators would recommend a contract matt that should be thinned upto 50/50 on fresh plaster which can also be tinted . If your decorator has used any other finish theres a chance that the paint hasn't soaked into or sealed the plaster therefore causing it to flake . Most likely reason is the plaster was damp in that area .


Answered 5th Feb 2020

Clearly the decorator at hand didn’t give it a mist coat with 30% water in with the emulsion should never do 50% water I’d scrape back the flakey parts rub down with grade 120 sand paper and fine fill the areas once dry rub down the filler then spot filler up with 30% water emulsion paint leave to dry ready for the top 2 coats to be applied and will at no point grin through


Answered 7th Feb 2020

I would recommend leyland trade super Leytex
It can be painted straight onto new plaster without mixing with water


Answered 10th Feb 2020

The plaster must be dry before applying paint. (Up to six weeks) You can however use specialist paint such as Dulux trade supermatt which is ideal for fresh plaster as it allows the plaster to "breath" underneath the paint, while it completely dries and sets.


Answered 22nd Feb 2020

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