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Bubbling paint issue

Approx 3 years ago our kitchen was re-plastered and painted. Recently paint on part of the wall by the kitchen back door has started to bubble. We had a new door fitted 18 months ago so not sure if the issue is to do with moisture getting in from the door. Should I get the company who fitted the door to check the fitting/seal or is the problem with the bubbling paint unrelated? Also should I scrape off the bubbling paint or wait until someone has checked out the problem?

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The bubbling paint does sound like a damp related issue - most likely salts from the brickwork are coming through with the moisture and causing the bubbling - easy to check by opening one of the bubbles and seeing if there is a white powdery deposit.
It could definitely be the door, but also check gutters, etc and see if there are any leaks if the brickwork is constantly getting wet it will give the same result.
I would certainly raise it with the door installers and see what they say.


Answered 3rd Feb 2020

I would get the company who fitted the door to come out as it sounds like a damp problem if it has bubbled. They may have to re seal and the wall scraped back , spot sealed with a zinsser , made good and painted


Answered 3rd Feb 2020

Hi there,

Bubbling paint is definitely a sign that moisture is getting in somewhere. It could be a complete coincidence that this started to happen after a new door was fitted, but it's probably related. It's worth calling the company who fitted it, but the work may be out of their warranty window now - before doing so I would check that there isn't an overflow pipe or blocked drains etc. forcing water around the door.

Scraping the paint off won't make a huge difference if there is moisture, so your call on that really.

Good luck!


Answered 3rd Feb 2020

Hi There,
Always get them to double check seals I don’t think this is the main problem,
I believe the plaster surface didn’t have a proper base/mist coat and also being in a kitchen would require kitchen and bathroom paint. This is due to steam from cooking or bath/shower steam these are probably the 2 main factors of your bubbling paint, I’m sorry this has happened to you, it’s a real pain!

I hope this has helped



Answered 3rd Feb 2020

I'd get the company back out to check the seals but could also be the mist coat not adhered to the plaster
if seals are all fine scrape back the bubbling paint the paint with oil based undercoat fill the imperfection sand down and paint with durable paint


Answered 4th Feb 2020

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