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We’re currently having a side return style extension built. The finished kitchen and living area will be approx 35 meter squared, is this area to big for electric underfloor heating?
Would a combination on electric underfloor heating and radiators be a good idea?
I’ve read so much about this that I don’t know what to think anymore so if someone could help me that would be greatly appreciated.

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It is done with 2 or 3 mats depending on room use, ie no need to install it under kitchen units.
Go to Tops Tiles for advice, they have Pro Warm, made by Warm Up. They offer lifetime warranty on mat and on controler. Others offer same lifetime on mat but limited warranty on controler. It is rated at 175w per m2, which I think is best between 150w and 200w offered by all others. This is exclusive to Top Tiles.
Your electrician will work out power required to specidfed mats for supply cable and conections. It is possible to have 2 floor probes and 2 zones on single Warm Up controler. Hope that helps, all the best


Answered 2nd Feb 2020


For an area of this size, personally i wouldn't use electric underfloor. Reasons being; its expensive to run and works more like a warmer more than heating.

Wet underfloor heating from the boiler would be the best option for an area of this size. It will cost more to buy but the running cost will be significantly less.

If the cost of installing this is too high then a combination of electric UFH and radiators might be a better option.

Hope that helps.




Answered 6th Feb 2020

Actually this can be achieved by using a contractor i have had big floors exceeding 45m2 with electric underfloor heating. This must be secured down using hot glue gun/self adhesive ufh mats. Duct tape must be pinched tight around cable to avoid any air gaps this can cause the cable to over heat.


Answered 9th Feb 2020

Yes the area is too big for electric underfloor heating this will not heat an area of that size it will only warm the tiles to touch you would have to add radiators to achieve the required heat for that area. However wet underfloor heating would achieve the required heat with no need for radiators


Answered 28th Feb 2020

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