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Wet underfloor heating electrical setup

My house has a combi boiler (Gloworm Ultracom 35cxi) that current feeds a number of radiators and provides hot water to the taps. Heating is driven using a Nest thermostat for the radiators.

I now want to do a refurb and install underfloor heating on the ground floor, with 2 individually controlled zones. However the UFH will have 3 pipe circuits, due to length of pipe limitations as far as I understand. So one pipe circuit will be one zone, and the other two pipe circuits will be one zone as well.

I am trying to figure out how this should be set up from an electrical perspective with the thermostats etc. I assume I am going to have two more thermostats on top of my nest for the radiators (one new thermostat for each underfloor heating zone).

I also assume than I will need two 2-port valves, so that the UFH system and the rads are isolated? Do I also need actuators for the 3-zone manifold, and do I also need a wiring center, e.g. "Heatmiser UH4 - 4 Zone 230v Wiring Centre"?

Any advice on how this should be set up would be appreciated.

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Before you look into the electrical side of things sort out the heating side first. A decent heating engineer/ plumber will easily get the information from the underfloor heating makers. You usually get a plan, kit and the relevant information required to answer the points you have raised.
Post your question on the plumbing side of the site.
Hope this points you in the right direction, regards John


Answered 3rd Feb 2020

Employ a professional instead of fishing for answers to do it yourself !!!



Answered 31st Jan 2020

This really is a job for a professional heating engineer, you will have lots of ongoing issues if you get this wrong at the start


Answered 31st Jan 2020

Good evening,
Regarding the electrical part you need a wiring centre with at least two zone and 3 actuators which have to be connected to the wiring center as follows: one of them for the single pipe circuit zone and the other two for the double pipes circuit zone.


Answered 11th Feb 2020

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