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Filling directly on to paint.

I am a complete amateur and I’ve been doing a filling job on bathroom ceiling, which has been already painted in Zinsser Perma White. Although I sanded most of the spots I filled to provide a key, I forgot about a couple. Will the filler stick securely to the small unsanded spots or should I take it out and start again? I used Toupret ready mix. Any advice much appreciated. Thanks

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hi there

this shouldn't be a problem as the filler will stick to a painted surface thats not sanded,just give the filler a good sand before painting.then i would use an acrylic sealer onto the filler before painting.

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Answered 1st Feb 2020

Shouldn’t be an issue at all. Zinsser do however offer a great product called BIN which could be applied as a sealant prior to painting.


Answered 1st Feb 2020

Yes the filler will stick.


Answered 1st Feb 2020

This should be fine , just remember extra paint on the area worked to match the rest so no bleeding through or shodowing


Answered 1st Feb 2020

Filler will stick, no problem. Sand and prime with same paint using mini roller so repairs don't show


Answered 1st Feb 2020

This should be absolutely fine. Carry on and good luck!


Answered 1st Feb 2020

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