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Pva on freshly plastered walls

I had my bedroom walls re plastered a couple of weeks ago and I have been told that I should mix pva with water to base the walls before painting.
I am also reading that pva is a no no for walls.
Can anyone shed some light as to the correct procedure.
I will be wallpapering one wall and painting the rest.

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There is no need to PVA newly plastered walls ,a good watered down coat of emulsion known as a mist coat should be applied and is enough to seal new plaster Point to note PVA on newly plastered walls could cause issues later on for the paint on top of the PVA and as such i would not recommend


Answered 28th Jan 2020

NO!!! This is such an old school thing to do, apply a mist coat by thinning down a Matt emulsion with 40% water, make sure is not a vinyl Matt as this will form a plastic film rather then actually penetrate the new plaster, any type of contract Matt is fine or there are primers for new plaster.
With the wall that you intend to wallpaper I’d strongly advise that you don’t mist coat this with paint, instead use zinsser gardz or beeline primer sealer again you might want to thin these down but not as much as the mist coat of paint.
Hope this helps


Answered 28th Jan 2020

Mix 50/50 water and Matt emusion to provide a mist coat.


Answered 28th Jan 2020

This is a myth . you do not use pva to seal walls before painting . 1st of all its water based and the emulsion will work up the glue .
a thinned coat of white contract matt emulsion is ideal for mist coat . then apply to coats of your colour

you only use pva to seal the walls prior to plastering your walls


Answered 28th Jan 2020

It’s not advisable to put PVA on a freshly plastered wall. A 50/50 mix of water and white matt emulsion will suffice.
Apply one coat of this ( mist coat) and then two coats of the preferred colour paint.
As previous response has stated do not use a mist coat in preparation to hang wallpaper.
Instead use a Zinsser sealer or similar.


Answered 28th Jan 2020

Unfortunately as an experienced decorator ive seen what problems pva'd plaster causes further on down the line. Yet there are still many that advocate it here and elsewhere, says a lot doesn't it


Answered 28th Jan 2020

A light sanding and a mist coat of waters down emulsion should be fine


Answered 28th Jan 2020

If you use watered down pva on the walls the paint won’t take all you need to use is a watered down emulsion coat as a miss coat


Answered 28th Jan 2020

No need to pva just 1st coat with 40/60 emulsion Pva could cause later problems ?


Answered 29th Jan 2020

best by far box of cannons glue size mixed with boiling water let cool down 20mins then apply with brush/roller it has a strange odour but by far the best.


Answered 22nd Feb 2020

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