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Can I put wet wall on top of paper or do I need to scrape it all

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I would advise stripping the paper and cleaning the wall first. The problem is, you are bonding the wet wall to the paper which means if the paper ever starts to peel, the wet wall is compromised. So although it's more work for you, getting that paper off is going to give a better base for the wet wall. I would even go as far as sealing the wall with something suitable.


Answered 27th Jan 2020

first remove the paper and clean the wall. The problem is that you attach the damp wall to the paper, which means that if the paper starts to clean, the damp wall is compromised. So, although it is more for you, removing the paper will provide a better basis for the wet wall.


Answered 27th Jan 2020

I would always remove existing wallpaper as your wet wall panels would be attached to the wallpaper and not the wall surface before applying the wall panels use a quality surface bonding agent to allow wall panels to bond to wall


Answered 28th Jan 2020

Wet wall panels can be installed over paper but I personally would strip the walls then install.


Answered 13th Feb 2020

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