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Had engineer to try and fix boiler but still not fixed and left with £350 bill, do i have to pay?

I have had what I thought was a reputable plumber to fix my boiler and water tank, as the boiler would only fire up sometimes and is never reliable in giving us hot water and heating. The water tank also had a permanent drip and I have to leave a bowl under it and empty every few days.
The plumber has visited on three occasions and fitted a new trap to the boiler (which hasn't solved the problem) and a new part to the water tank ( which hasn't solved the leak either). So for the boiler they asked me to note down was fault sequence the lights showed when it stops working, and they would be able to tell what was wrong. They came back and still didnt know, and said something must be gradually packing up and the only way to do it is to wait until it packs up completely. So at present I have been standing next to my boiler, continously pressing the reset button, for over half an hour trying to get it to fire up. I still have a bowl I'm emptying for the water tank drip, and now have a bill to pay for £350 which I didnt have before! I dont feel I'm any further forward than I was before I called them out, except about to be out of pocket for something that's not fixed!
My question is, do I have to pay the bill regardless of whether it's fixed or not? They havent suggested any other solutions or ordering any other parts except to say they can only go through each part and replace and try to eliminate the problem, but I dont want an even higher bill and still find it's not fixed. And maybe because I havent paid it yet this may be why they havent offered to try any other parts. I'm not sure whether I can refuse to pay or just pay, and have to start again.
Am I liable for the costs of the parts they have fitted, and their labour, even though it's not fixed? It just doesn't seem right to pay, but I do appreciate there is the cost of the parts etc involved.

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what boiler ?, what type of cylinder ?,is it a vented system,unvented ?,if unvented was he g3 registered ?,was he gas safe registered ?,what did you agree to when you called him ?,was he qualified in anything ?,if you agreed to a call out charge than you should pay it,get in touch with boiler makers they usually have a list of boiler engineers who fit and fix their boilers,make sure whoever you use they are qualified to work on the various parts of the system you are asking them to fix.


Answered 23rd Jan 2020

If you agreed on any call out fees, that would be the only service to pay for.
He didn`t fix anything, nothing to be paid unless as i said, you agreed on that prior plumbers visit.


Answered 23rd Jan 2020

If that was me it would have been a call out fee to pay. You still have a problem, they don’t know what it is, so I suggest you call someone else out to diagnose the fault and agree on a price to fix this.


Answered 23rd Jan 2020

Only if it was agreed beforehand. But I would look for a more competent plumber. Also I don't think the plumber should be charging for all this work as he hasn't resolved the issue. But on the plumbers side why would he keep fitting and coming out to repair if he thought he was not to be paid. I think a miscommunication is partly to blame here. But as a customer you would want it repaired and billed afterwards with still the problem.
Lots of manufacturers and boiler companies offer a one off fixed repair cost.
Why don't you post the problem on here with detail as there is lots of fault finding plumbers ready to give free advice and help.


Answered 24th Jan 2020



Answered 13th Jun 2020

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