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Removing paint from plaster

Myself and my husband have started to strip the wallpaper in our living room and discovered the previous owners had painted underneath. Some of the paint came off with the paper but there's large patches of paint still on the plaster. It is chipping away but at this rate we'll be chipping at it for months as it's a fairly large room. A friend mentioned getting the room skimmed but I hadn't factored that into the budget. We don't want to paper over the top as we want to paint. Any tips on what we can do please would be much appreciated.

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Line the walls with 1200 grade lining paper after cleaning off the old wallpaper paste and prepping as required. Then paint


Answered 22nd Jan 2020

I would use a steamer to soften the paint scrap all of and fill any imperfections on plaster walls sounds like mist coat wasn't applied before painting


Answered 22nd Jan 2020

Sand the patches of paint, especially the edges. Get a bag of Gyproc Easifil (approx £15 in B&Q). Mix the Easifil with water until it's the consistency of thick mayonnaise. Use a filling knife to spread the filler over the edges of the paint patches. Leave the filler to dry for an our and then lightly sand it to 'feather out' the edges of the paint patches and blend it in with the wall. Paint the walls with a mist coat (slightly diluted emulsion). If you can still see the patches of paint underneath, repeat the Easifil.


Answered 22nd Jan 2020

Depending on how thick the paint residue is (?) you might be able to sand it back without removing it altogether. You should apply easifil to those area and others needing it across the rest of wall with defects and holes then sand back edges. I would imagine you will have some paper and glue left behind from the wallpaper so a good scrape and sand all over is also recommended.


Answered 22nd Jan 2020

I’d use a wallpaper steamer ‘ it should then come off like elastic if a water based paint was used !


Answered 22nd Jan 2020

A drywall sander (rotary one) hooked up with a vacuum hose would make light work of it with little or no mess, start with 120grit and work your way to 400 for a smooth paintable surface


Answered 22nd Jan 2020

Use the steamer or pva


Answered 22nd Jan 2020

Give the walls a thoroughly good sanding with 60 grit, then finish with 100 grit. The walls don't have to be French Polish smooth. You just need a good surface for the paint to soak into the plaster.

For a longer lasting paint finish. You should seal the walls with an oil- based water proof sealant or P.V.A solution. This will stop any paint from pealing in the future. Add a 1st coat of your chosen colour, fill any cracks and holes etc. Rub down with 100 grit, paint over the patches where you've applied the filler. Rub down and apply top coat. Job done!!!

Good luck


Answered 22nd Jan 2020

Hi there
You can buy French fine plaster from Brewers is called TOUT PRET finish plaster use it really fine on the surfaces
Where's need slightly sanded down after it's dried. About an hour. And then you can paint over
Thanks again Edward from best finish


Answered 22nd Jan 2020

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