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Fibreboard ceiling

Hi just a have a question about fibre board ceilings.

When trying to paint over it a standard emulsion for interior walls wont stay on the ceiling and starts to bubble and peel of very easily, tried paint for wood, tried mdf and wood primer - same result every time!:( is there any way that these fibre board ceilings can be painted? (I know i can plasterboard it but didn’t want to it’s just the small box room.)
They were painted before by previous owner i do not understand how and with what?

Any ideas? Thanks!

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Hi Michaela, not sure what causes your paint to bubble up, it's probably mix of old paint and tile itself, but would suggest to clean them first (dry rub) and then to prime tiles with PVA and water solution, 1:3(1 PVA, 3 water) and then when it's all dry, to paint with your standard emulsion. Try it on one first to check if this doesn't cause similar reaction.
Hope it helps a bit


Answered 21st Jan 2020

Hi Michaela, As Mark has said it is probably a mixture of all factors in the paint and the surface causing the issue. I would try to scrape off as much of the current surface coating off as possible. A good clean down then try a coat of Zinsser Bulls eye primer (an absolutely fantastic that will solve some really problematic surface issues) to give the top coating of emulsion the best chance of sticking. As Mark has said. Try this on one tile before proceeding to do the entire ceiling.
Many thanks


Answered 21st Jan 2020

I would scrape back the all the bubbles and any loose edges,sand down the ceiling and use zinsser binns over the whole area.When dry use Toupret TX110 filler for the defects ,when dry rub down with 120 sandpaper ,touch filler back in with zinsser binns .This should give a solid surface which will stop the moisture from the emulsion bubbling up and cracking the old surface


Answered 21st Jan 2020

Fireline plasterboard are pink,you may get this reaction with MR moisture resistant plasterboard these are green


Answered 21st Jan 2020

Try using zinnzer perma white paint covers everything doesn’t bubble costs a bit but worth it


Answered 21st Jan 2020

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