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Old paint lines in walls

We're currently painting our stairway wall and there used to be a hand rail I believe on the wall as there is a constant hand rail sized line going down the wall. We have tried sanding the bit down but there still seems to be marks (old paint coming off?) even though it is smooth. I've asked about and some people are saying do multiple coats...which I don't think is going to work after putting two coats on. Or try primer then re-paint?

Does anyone have any other ideas, it just looks so bad like there are chunks out of the wall when it's completely smooth...
(This was a new-build house in 2006 if that helps anything!)

5 Answers from MyBuilder Painters & Decorators

try filling with a 2 part decorators filler then sanding smooth then prime and two coats of your wall paint


Answered 20th Jan 2020

I would coat with 2 thin coats of ready mixed Knauf joint finishing cement easy sand 150mm above and below the line
Allow each coat to dry overnight
This will now be easy to sand and feather into the existing wall
Finnish with 3 coats of paint


Answered 20th Jan 2020

As previously mentioned I would apply 2 coats of Pro mix wider than the area to be filled and lightly sand and feather away edges of filler.


Answered 20th Jan 2020

you need clean very good the old paint(plaster) .than mix paint with little filler...and filling the wall .After dry sanding and paint


Answered 20th Jan 2020

Toupret fine surface filler. You won't get that flashing or grinning


Answered 21st Jan 2020

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