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How to cover distemper that is bleeding through new plaster?

We have recently bought an old council house and the walls had been painted with distemper. Our plasterer coated the walls with 2 layers of PVA before skimming the walls but the green colour of the distemper is starting to bleed through. How do we cover the 'bleed'?

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Most of the distemper should have been washed off first then treated with an oil based prima but now you will have to use a shellac based prima zinzeer that will stop it bleedin through


Answered 18th Jan 2020

Hi, first of all if it’s bleeding through the wall is there a source of damp or moisture allowing it to penetrate. (Is there a solution?) If not you can buy stain preventing paint. Or a high-density wall primer/undercoat


Answered 18th Jan 2020

Oil base the wall or area with undercoat that should stop it


Answered 18th Jan 2020

The only way to cover distemper and
Secure a top quality job is to reboard ceiling and skim


Answered 18th Jan 2020

Scrap on loose paint of walls paint stripper sometimes works then paint with stabilizing primer


Answered 18th Jan 2020

It’s just like covering walls and ceilings that have been covered with a satin and you intend to cover with a Matt paint. You need to see a technician at a store like Homebase who will advise you on using a special paint before hand (the name slips my memory) and then using a top coat of your colour. Pva will not stop the the distemper from coming through.


Answered 18th Jan 2020

Cover with Zinsser BIN job done


Answered 18th Jan 2020

Hi there you can coat the affected area with an oil based gloss paint and then repaint with your desired colour.
Regards Colin.


Answered 18th Jan 2020

The best way It’s to use oil based undercout or stainkiller from zinser brand or any other wait till it’s dry and paint it over by your desired colour


Answered 21st Jan 2020

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