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Hi my daughter has moved into a temporary accommodation run by the brighton and hove city council, she has a saneflo toilet in her bathroom that has always leaked ,

We Can not afford a Plumber as i have health issues and My Daughter is a single Parent who had her child at the tender age of 13, now 17, I dont understand why they never explained to her how delicate this kind of Toilet is, She has a bath and sink in there to, is there anything she can look out for as its always leaked, there is a downstairs normal loo, thank
you Ann Please Help as She has to Pay her Temporary Accommodation over £500 this is something she just cant afford, run by Brighton and Hove City Council, Please help i wonder if the pipes are wrong or ilegal to put our case to the council The loo has always leaked to , Is there anything that i will be able to look for ie Pipes , thanks again Ann,

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I am a plumber based in Hassocks near brigthon.
Contact me on
I will go for free and fix the leak and provide you a report, and if you want even speak with the council.
send me a email and ill call you to arrange asap, this is mad to let a toilet leak with a kid in the house.
Poor people, the council make me mad.


Answered 3rd Apr 2012

Isnt this the councils responsibility?


Answered 2nd Apr 2012

She probably needs a new black washer or ptfe tape around the thread. If they fail then she could try silicone around the joint thats leaking, but only when dry, thanks.

Lee (LB Plumbing).


Answered 1st Apr 2012

As, plumber said before this makes me mad, get in touch with council and make sure they are aware of the problem and how serious this is if this not taken serious then go to citizens advice they will sort it for you, also local paper always like a story best wishes colin.


Answered 12th Apr 2012

If the Local Authority are the landlords they have a legal responsability to resolve this, if the housing department are slow to act speak to the enviromental health department


Answered 22nd Nov 2012

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