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Currently stripping walls of paper, there seems to be at least 5 layers of paper on the walls going back decades and it a nightmare to get off. Currently spraying water on the paper after scoring. Do any of you have a tried and trusted method for getting stubborn paper off the walls. TIA

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Hi Darren, always grab a steamer can pick up from B&Q for around £10-£15 the heat helps soften the wallpaper adhesive but the technique your using is perfect but the steam definitely helps!
Hope your not having to much fun!!😂😂


Answered 3rd Feb 2020

You could use a chemical stripper to remove multiple layers of wallpaper, or steam stripping after perforating the paper.theresno easy answer, butt if you saturate the paper until it cant take no more water then you should find it easier to remove. Hope this is helpful for you.


Answered 15th Jan 2020

I would steam it off and use a bladed scraper. Unfortunately, this can be a bit of a drainer but I find this method most effective.


Answered 15th Jan 2020

If your house has decades of paper then I presume it is fairly old. I would avoid using a steam stripper as this can easily damage old plaster especially if you are not experienced using one.
I have four main tips. Use wallpaper stripper like Zinsser. This contains an enzyme which breaks the paste down. Get the paper really wet. Be patient and let it soak in. Try not to tear the paper.
Try to remove a layer at a time in large sections without tearing rather than trying to scrape off small sections of multiple layers. This tears each layer and makes it harder to remove in large sections.
If the layer has a vinyl surface, peel this off first, if not scar the paper. Then get a good garden sprayer and spray on a solution of wallpaper stripper. Allow to soak in then spray again. Repeat if necessary. Then wait at least 10 minutes before trying to strip the paper off. If it is still stuck and tears as you try pull it off then spray it again and wait. You should not have to scrape the walls at all. Just use a scraper to lift the corners of the paper to peel it off.
When all the paper is removed, spray the walls again and rinse to remove the last traces of paste.


Answered 15th Jan 2020

Well I use this stuff called strip away and it awesome and makes light work of the job, you have two types one will strip of up to 10 coats and the other tin dose up to 30 coats

Langlow strip away.
All you do is paste on then strip away as easy as that


Answered 15th Jan 2020

Liquid wallpaper strippers tend to be quite good depending on how the paper was put up originally, coat the area and leave for about 10 mins to soak repeat if necessary for stubborn areas add the use of a steamer, bare in mind that using a steamer is a time tasking job so be patient, try not to hold it on the same spot for too long as this will damage the plaster underneath.


Answered 16th Jan 2020

dry strip it with a good scraper first you can remove 6 layers in one strip, then give the wall a good soak or 2 or 3..with a water sprayer let it soak in and remove the remaining paper...
is a technique to stripping that will safe hours or days- steamers are useless, better to just spray with water a few times
there is a technique to dry stripping without leaving digs in the wall you use the scrapers sharp blade to slice off the layers of paper in long even slices (practise makes perfect :) I could probably strip in one hour what a guy with a steamer can do in a day and if its painted paper the steamer will hardly touch it anyway.. so the secret is a long handled 6inch scraper with sharp blades, technique ,then plenty of water


Answered 16th Jan 2020

You need a wallpaper steamer machine. a good one can find to screwfix for around £35. will do the job and make your work much easier


Answered 20th Jan 2020

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