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Previous blue colour flashing through new coat

Iam painting my house brilliant white silk emulsion,previous colour was blue silk,I did not apply a primer but after two coats of brilliant white the previous blue is still flashing and I have already used up a lot of paint please what is the solution

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When putting a white silk or mid-sheen over the top of a dark colour has always been a nightmare for me.
Ive been known to put 3 if not 4 coats over darker colours.
Let it fully dry then apply another coat but if your running out of paint just buy a 2.5 litre tin.
I hope this has helped you.


Answered 14th Jan 2020

when you're painting over dark colours you want use a a very high opacity trade emulsion or acrylic primer undercoat and also to spot prime any filling. It also depends on whether the silk is trade paint or retail, but all you can do now is just keep putting coats on until it covers


Answered 14th Jan 2020

before applying any paint to a wall you need to ensure the preparation is correct.
whether the wall has a dark colour already or is badly cracked and is in need of filling there is a way to get the preferred finish.
with dark walls going light silk for the best finish you would need to base the wall with a good quality white matt emulsion ( I would recommend Dulux Supermatt PBW ) then two full coats of your vinyl silk should cover nicely
if you have had to fill any cracks those should also be based out with a matt emulsion this will stop the vinyl in the silk emulsion from going flat .
with your case I would agree with my fellow painters you need to apply more coats
kind regards


Answered 15th Jan 2020

Seal walls with zinnzer shellacking based primer sealer this will stop the darker colour bleeding through, then apply 2no coats of vynil silk to finish.hope this was helpful.


Answered 15th Jan 2020

I have completed a job recently where the customer wanted a dark charcoal grey room to a light grey. I found it best to use a mistcoat (a rough white coat over the original colour) and then apply the appropriate amount of coats until you have reached your desired finish. The downside is that it will cost extra as it'll require more paint but the upside is a much better finished product


Answered 17th Jan 2020

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