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Air line cracks

You have just emulsioned a wall you gave it a second coat its started to go dry wen you spot air line cracks what do u do

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When it is fully dry use a fine blade and open the crack wide enough to fill with fine line filler
When fully dry sand then paint over the filled area
When dry then recoat the wall again


Answered 10th Jan 2020

Fill with fine filler. Let it dry Tubb down and repaint


Answered 10th Jan 2020

When it's fully dry open the crack up up spray expanding foam in until it dries. Cut away the expanding foam. Apply internal filler on top of cap. Rub down. And apply a fine film on top filler.
And then apply two coats of emulsion. The gap will never appear again.


Answered 10th Jan 2020

Wait till fully dry, then cut out cracks,
Fill with filler. Wait to dry. Then sand and repaint.


Answered 10th Jan 2020

best thing to do is too let the paint fully dry. next use a scraper to open op the crack slightly and fill with ready mixed or powder mix filler. Wait untill properly dry, sand down smooth, touch up the filler with paint, wait untill fully dry and then recoat the full wall to prevent flashing patch or recently filler cracks


Answered 10th Jan 2020

Cut crack out with a scrapper mix powder filla put a little bit of Unibond with the water wait to dry rub down with fine sand paper apply 2 coats of emulsion


Answered 10th Jan 2020

When fully dry,take out cracks, dust off, and apply a coat of sealer, in the cracks, allow to dry, and apply interior filler to cracks rub down dust off and touch up with thinned down paint, and then apply 2 coats of emulsion paint to finish.


Answered 14th Jan 2020

I would advise to allow all paint to dry firstly, I would then open the hair line crack deeper and wider using a scraper/Stanley knife. Next apply an interior filler and allow to dry completely, next sand down to a smooth finish then finaly touch up the filled hole with paint and repaint entire wall.


Answered 17th Jan 2020

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