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I’m having difficulty deciding what to do about new ceiling that was damaged by bathroom fitters and a painting and filling job that was bodged by decorator. At this point it has had six coats of Zinsser Perma White and I can still see shading and roller marks as well as some fills that protrude from ceiling. I’m worried that it has had too many coats because of the build up of paint layers and am considering just leaving it. Would two more coats cause problems now or in the future when redecorating? Would it be worth applying a coat of something like peel stop as a barrier between the existing coats and two fresh coats? I would be very appreciative of any advice. Thank you

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You should sand to make flat surfaces use good sander with Hoover or try buy hand. Than fill if needed and sand again the filler. Remove all the dust and paint 2 cout paint dulux for bathroom or dulux trade diamond eggshell.
Job done.


Answered 10th Jan 2020

If its a water stain shading that can be seen through the paint then this tells me that the water stain hasnt been blocked out. a zinser stain block needs to be used. Zinser perma paint is a water based primer rather than a stain block. zinser stain block is shellac based and perfect for your problem. As for patches pretruding, this just needs some old fashioned elbow grease with some rough coarse sandpaper. finished off with 2 coats of any white emulsion paint. job done


Answered 10th Jan 2020

I would personally remove the effected area reboard it and plaster the area. It sounds like you have tried everything else.


Answered 10th Jan 2020

First of all fill the area that has the water stain then rub down till smooth and plended in. Then use an oil based paint on the stained area the oil will stop any stain from coming through. Then touch up the oil based paint with emulsion. Let dry for an hour or two then touch up again. As emulsion can not be patch painted to get the perfect result now paint the whole ceiling again


Answered 13th Jan 2020

I have done it several ways one dose include the answer given. One of the best way I got around one was to completely change the ceiling colour with 2 good coats of a darker colour then wait for it to really dry well then repaint with the lighter colour this made the ceiling look totally even. I will say that It dose depend on what has stained it.. I had one from a bitumen flat roof come through and there was no stopping it. I had board and plastered it... done.


Answered 16th Jan 2020

I would sand the whole ceiling. Fill the water stain wait to dry then sand it down to blend in with ceiling then I would cover all stains with zinzer stain block. Then using good quality matt emulsion paint I would apply x2 coats. Matt paint doesn't attract light so imperfections can be hidden


Answered 16th Jan 2020

The problem you have is that the ceiling is badly painted and you will never get rid of the 'flashing' by sanding. You could paint it until doomsday and it will still look the same.
Either, skim it or line it, but please be aware that most paints 'flash' .. the lower the ceiling height the more its noticeable. You may have to stop looking up.......


Answered 5th Feb 2020

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