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Should i plaster or redecorate?

I have an outside wall that has been causing me damp issue for about a year now. The wall was wet to touch, mouldy, and even had black water running down it. I have had dehumidifiers inside and numerous people looking at the outside.
The main issue was ownership of the fault as the wall is dividing between myself and neighbour.
After the removal of an outside wall and rendering down externally i am 90% confident the problem has been resolved. The wall is now dry to touch, a lot warmer, and the mould has not really returned since the last cleaning. So my question is, do i need to strip and re-plaster the wall or not? Or would simple decoration now suffice?? I’m a bit worried the damage might done, but the wall doesnt show signs of cracking plaster damage and I obviously don’t want to pay out for replaster if it is not needed.

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hi i would recommend if theres no sign of damp/water damage showing you might of got lucky and would be fine to just paint


Answered 9th Jan 2020

If the wall is dry now and the plaster itself is fine i would just redecorate. Treat mould with anti fungicidal wash as per instructions then i would paint with a stain block. As for wall paint i would use Crown Trade Clean Extreme.


Answered 9th Jan 2020

Hi there I’ve just read you question and can say if your plaster looks fine and haven’t blown (I.e if u push on the wall you should feel it move) or cracked i would recommend giving the wall a coat of zinsser cover stain or zinsser stain sealer. Dulux also do a damp proof paint but I can’t say I’ve used it. Then you should be fine to redecorate with out the worry of and damp stains coming through providing the damp problem have been resolved.


Answered 9th Jan 2020

As per your description wall look dry and with out damp. i hope problem is sorted and you can decorate it with confidence. just as precaution use the damp proof paint before you decorate it just in case if there is any damp appear so it could be blocked by damp proof paint. thanks


Answered 11th Jan 2020

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