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Extending into the side balcony

I have a 3 floor edwardian semi-detached house and I would like to put in a second bath room. There is a balcony on the second floor to the side of the house, approx size is 2600mm by 1100mm. Looking from the front of the house it is on the left above the front door hallway. There is a window from the second hallway looking out to the balcony on one side and a small bedroom window on the end (L-shape).

Its not really used and seems a waste of space so I would like to build an extension and put in a shower, toilet and basin with a door from the hallway.
I also live in a conservation area.

Is this extension feasible? If so how would I go about it and what are the approximate cost and timescale?

Thank you.

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yes if you go by local planning by laws and match the exsisting house fasade make sure you understand there codes and them of what you plan on doing


Answered 4th Apr 2011

you would be better consulting your planning department and conservation officer, this coul save you a lot of time and moneythey prefer you to involve them from the start rather than later,regards Terry.


Answered 4th Apr 2011

you will need to contact your planning oficer and go from there really


Answered 5th Apr 2011

First is the property Listed?
Has there been any works of this type compleated on this or other propertys in the area?
Contact the Buildings Manadgment Comitie and see if the other residents will object!
Contact the local planing Office Discuss your requierments, let them know that you will match the buildings facard and comply with all building regulations.
Thay will recomend a course of action:-
Contact your builder, draw plans, provide spec,
Need any help just ask!!!!!!


Answered 9th Apr 2011

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