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Painting over bumpy filling

My decorator did a less than perfect filling job on bathroom ceiling. He used Manger’s ready mixed lightweight filler and painted over it with Zinsser Perma White. It looks just about tolerable but some of the fills are not flat and protrude from the ceiling. I can live with it but am wondering if this will cause the paint to split or crack. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks

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He probably didn't rub it down after filling it.


Filler- Multi Purpose Poly filler

Sand down

Bin ZINSSER Sealer and primer if stained. This also does help it from cracking. If not stained 2 top coats will do.

Top coat/ bathroom paint


Answered 9th Jan 2020

If it looks like is cracking and in a bathroom moisture will get behind it and it could possible lift


Answered 9th Jan 2020

It should not crack or come off
But I would personally use easy fill in stead of light weight filler


Answered 9th Jan 2020

Needs sanding down and starting again,some of these ready mixed fillers go rock hard and need to be flush with the surface they are filling if not use easy fill or similar,i would get your decorator to redo that filling job its unacceptable


Answered 9th Jan 2020

The best way is to use rough sandpaper and sand the patches if still not smooth then scrape them out.get some polly filler but not pre mixed and re fill them if still not smooth


Answered 9th Jan 2020

It’s unlikely to cause cracking/splitting, however , as the ceiling ages and the paint ages depending on how bad a job has been done it may cause what I call a shadow .... hope this helps


Answered 9th Jan 2020

Hi the paint shouldn't crack or split, it shouldn't be left like that as you should be happy with the finish from any good trade
If you can not live with it buy some 120 sand paper give it a light sand, it may need a refill then a sand again, then paint, you could also have it plastered if needed,

Hope this helps,

All the best Garry


Answered 9th Jan 2020

The filler not been flat or protruding would not cause the paint to crack or split. If it did crack it would be another issue.


Answered 9th Jan 2020

Hi, Perma white in itself is a decent paint to withstand moisture and stains, With regards to the filling,if not rubbed down and spotted (watered down paint)before painting u may find the paint flakes off the filled areas.


Answered 9th Jan 2020

The paints not bad quality, bathroom kitchens should be painted in the recommended paints as they are high moisture areas.

As for not sanding down properly? Not a quality finish and is up to you to except. Light weight filler has a recomend depth so if it was not to deep it will be fine.


Answered 9th Jan 2020

It may over a period of time with the heat from the shower and bath personal I would Sand it back flat give it a coat of primer and paint with extreme scrubabal


Answered 29th Jan 2020

First of all I hate using light weight fillers, I always use easy fill, easy to sand to a smooth level finish and wont crack.
Why apply Zinzer unless there was a stain , normal emulsion will cover, technically I've had in the past a reaction with paint surfaces with zinzer and water based emulsion, plus you can get pigment variations due to different absorption.


Answered 29th Jan 2020

It’s hard say,I will need to see it
Anyway,filler should be nice and flat and then paint


Answered 29th Jan 2020

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