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I want to fill shallow sanding blemishes on new ceiling caused by stripping paint that had been applied without mist coat. These blemishes only showed up in light after two fresh coats of Zinsser Perma White had been applied. Would thin coats of filler stick to the paint? Also, can Zinsser Peel Stop be applied directly to Perma White? Would be grateful for any advice. Thanks

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Filling over the Zinsser Perma White is no problem - use a good quality powder interior filler or ready mixed filler such as Toupret Interior or Tetrion All Purpose filler. You can always give the area key by lightly sanding which will give the best adhesion for the filler.
Peel Stop can be used over Perma White, but is really only needed if you have areas where the paint is lifting and peeling (which you may have if the plaster was never mist coated). Peel Stop won't offer any benefit over a solid paint surface.


Answered 8th Jan 2020

You can fill those blemishes and filler will stick to the paint. You do not have to use zinsser peel stop if the paint is not peeling at these area. You can use any other good quality filler. Just use flexible filling knife and apply very thin coats. Just make sure you give each coat enough time to dry - do not apply second coat before first one completely dry. The same rule apply to painting coats - even if you think that first coat of paint is dry make sure it has at least 4 hours before applying second coat to avoid any issue in the future


Answered 9th Jan 2020

Without looking at the blemishes there's no right answer .. there are a few correct procedures you can use to rectify the problem .. it sounds more of a problem than what it really is.. use a long pile roller and apply 2 coats of quality emulsion and it should do the trick.. if not fine fill and sand then repeat


Answered 11th Jan 2020

Hi I tend 2 brush over fillers first so it doesn't pill of on roller hope this is helpful


Answered 13th Jan 2020

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